Lift Up Your Voice and Sing
  1. Lift Up Your Voice and Sing
  2. What Manner of Man Is This?
  3. Cattle on a Thousand Hills
  4. Waiting for the King to Come
  5. You Can't Stop a Hurricane. The Word Sure Gets Around
  6. I've Got Family There
  7. Tougher Than Nails
  8. Jesus Is the Answer
  9. Waiting for the Fly-Away Day· Man Born of Woman
  10. Open Up the Skies
  11. 0, Grave, Where Is Thy Victory?
  12. Sown in Weakness, Raised in Power

Lift Up Your Voice and Sing, Terry's first gospel project in over ten years,
was released November 16, 2012.

As with all his CD's, all songs are written and recorded by Terry and professionally
produced by Steve Chandler in a Nashville studio with top-notch professional musicians and
background singers. This album follows Terry's other two gospel endeavors,
Look at My Hands (1979) and Far-Side Banks of Jordan (2002).

If you like what you heard on either of those, we at Rhinestone Rooster Records
are 100% sure you will enjoy this one too!
You might even experience a few goose bumps or tears.

©2012 RRCD
Lift Up Your Voice and Sing CD
Where Do I Go From Here?
  1. Where Do I Go From Here?
  2. Forty-Seven Jelly Beans And One Stick Of Doublemint
  3. Going Out The Same Way I Came In
  4. Orchid-Flowered Shirt
  5. Go Ahead And Rain
  6. Anywhere Away From Where I Am
  7. Dirt Road
  8. Going Down To Rum River
  9. We Haven't Had A Good Marriage
  10. He'll Be Free
  11. Going To Des Moines
  12. Whoa! This Is As Far As I Go
  13. You Traded All Of Your Tomorrows
  14. I Can See My Destination From Here
©2011 RRCD11-10
Where Do I Go From Here
Plain Old, Everyday, Ordinary Stuff
  1. Plain Old, Everyday, Ordinary Stuff
  2. Holding It In
  3. Nickeled And Dimed, Quartered And Dollared To Death
  4. Faces
  5. Back Here In My Arms
  6. Address Label Blues
  7. Keep Your Fork
  8. I'm The One Who's Gonna Love You Now
  9. Is The Mississippi Missing Me?
  10. Familiar And Old
  11. Throw Away The Bone
  12. Anything Money Can Buy
  13. Cry Me A River, Build Me A Bridge
  14. When He'd Sing
©2008 RRCD10-08
Kickin' Kountry
  1. Kickin' Country
  2. Too Many Coffees And Too Many Smokes
  3. Beautiful Eyes
  4. Go
  5. Anna Kinda
  6. Twice
  7. Texas Two-Step Music
  8. I Wonder What I'm Gonna Do With You
  9. I Don't Need Much
  10. Till Every Honky-Tonk In Texas Closes Down
  11. Once He Was In Love
  12. Armadillo Dance
  13. I'm Not Getting Over It Just Used To It
  14. Winds Of Love
©2006 RRCD9-06
Christmas in the Air
  1. Christmas in the Air
  2. Country Christmas Mailbox
  3. A King Is Born to Israel
  4. Snow Place
  5. A Christmas Stocking's Story
  6. I wrote Your Name in the Frost on the Window
  7. Merry Christmas Baby
  8. There Is a Santa Claus
  9. He Came
  10. Ain't It Enough
  11. The New Twelve Days of Christmas
  12. What's in This Cookie?
  13. Into a World of Darkness Came the Light
  14. Christmas Makes You Want to Go Back Home
©2005 RRCD8-05
Matters of the Heart
  1. Matters of the Heart
  2. Just Outside the Storm
  3. As a Rule
  4. Admit that You Were Wrong
  5. We Had the Spring
  6. Sharer of My Heart
  7. All I've Ever Known
  8. Let Me Count the Ways
  9. I Bet She's Feeding Chickens
  10. Time Sure Takes Its Time
  11. Who's Gonna Pop a Pimple on My Posterior?
  12. Making Perfect Music for the King
  13. My Baby Loves Me All the Time
  14. Home
©2004 RRCD7-04
Spokes In The Wheel
  1. Spokes In The Wheel
  2. The Light's On In My Heart
  3. How Big A Love
  4. Next To Ice Cream
  5. The Chicken Song
  6. Willie
  7. Too Much To Do For The Blues
  8. One Door Closes Another Opens
  9. This Songs For You Babe
  10. Honky-Tonk Song
  11. Bitter
  12. Rhythm In My Ramblin' Shoes
  13. One Song
  14. The Lord Is My Shepherd.
©2001 RRCD4-01
Far-Side Banks of Jordan
and Other Inspirational Songs
  1. It's A Beautiful, Beautiful Day
  2. Thou Art The Christ
  3. I Know Someone Who Can
  4. Remember Me When In Thy Kingdom
  5. Moving In Higher Circles
  6. I Know That My Redeemer Liveth
  7. Maybe A Mama Is Praying
  8. Elisha's Song
  9. Let Me Touch The Hem Of Your Garment
  10. There Won't Be Nothing
  11. Jesus Is My Rock
  12. Be Still
  13. Just Another Travelling Day
  14. Far-Side Banks Of Jordan
Texas Roots
  1. Texas Roots Sound bite 193k ra
  2. You Can Bet Your Boots
  3. Trying Hard To Make It All Make Sense
  4. You Can't Miss It
  5. The Cowboy And The Lord
  6. Doing Ft. Worth In Style
  7. Country Trains
  8. Texas Skies
  9. When You've Cried All You Can Cry Sound bite 170k ra
  10. Honky-Tonk Tradition
  11. From Ring Around The Rosey To Rings Around Our Fingers
  12. A Lotta Bull
  13. On The Texas Side Of Arkansas
  14. I'll Love You As Long As Texas Is Big
©1999 RRCD2-99
Look At My Hands
  1. Look At My Hands
  2. He's Got The Power
  3. Lord, I've Been Ready For Years 265k.wav
  4. I'm Tired
  5. Room At The Top
  6. What About This Thorn?
  7. I See Jordan
  8. Far-Side Banks Of Jordan
  9. He Shall Not Fail Nor Be Discouraged
  10. He's The Music In My Soul
©2005 RRCD1-02
Quilt Of Memories
  1. Quilt Of Memories (4:09) 249k.wav
  2. They Never Knew Clifford Very Well (4:29)
  3. A Little Honky-Tonkin' (2:17) 235k.wav
  4. The Courthouse At Cordell (4:15)
  5. According To The Lie (3:23)
  6. The Man Who Fell Through The Hole In His Shoe (2:22) 234k.wav
  7. A Lover For All Seasons (4:07)
  8. He Did It Like A Man (4:56)
  9. Skinny-Dipping Pond (3:03) 247k.wav
  10. Sometime In The Night (She Slipped Away) (3:23)
  11. Train From The Past (3:33)
  12. Mickey's Gone (2:31)
  13. Happy All Over My Face (2:54)
  14. A Long Way Home (2:54)
The New Double Dose of Country
  1. Double Dose Of Country
  2. Hang On
  3. Some Serious Honky-Tonkin'
  4. The Little Brown Dog And The Little Green Frog 226.wav
  5. Jeans And Good Leather
  6. A Long Night Ago
  7. Something Brewing In Milwaukee
  8. Louisiana Memory 241k.wav
  9. Fiddlin'
  10. Uncommon Ordinary Love
  11. Bogan's Bog Saturday Night
  12. Your Face Is Telling Me that Love Is Gone
  13. The Devil Had Dimples
  14. Too Much Talking To The Wall
  15. Take Me For Your Baby
  16. The Ballad Of Simple Tim